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Query and update project, portfolio, resource pool according to current status

Update portfolio
Update portfolio
Update resource pool
Update resource pool

If, for example, you are working with a portfolio in which some projects are open in read-only mode or with a single read-only project, you can use the Update project/portfolio button from Rillsoft Project 9.0 to query the open projects for their current status and update them if necessary.

The Update project/portfolio button is grayed out if you have made any changes in the portfolio but have not yet saved them.

Update resource pool From now on you can query the resource pool for new state and update it if necessary.

This way you can always work with current project data and resource pool and it brings you the following advantages:

Updated information: If you regularly update your projects and resource pool, you will always have the latest information about what is going on in each project and what resources can be made available to you. This allows you to respond quickly and effectively to changes and make decisions based on current data.

Prioritizing resources: You can better decide which resources are needed and when in the portfolio. By updating project information and from the resource pool, you can determine which resources are more utilized in projects and when, and which are less. This allows you to focus your limited resources on the important projects.

Risk Management: By updating your projects and resource data, you can also identify potential resource shortages and problems in advance. By responding to them in a timely manner, you can take steps to minimize or avoid them.

Communication: Updated project information enables clear and effective communication with all project stakeholders. By providing up-to-date information, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that decisions are made based on facts.

Increase effectiveness: updating your projects and resource pool helps you increase the effectiveness of your job portfolio. When you know what’s going on in each project and how it relates to other projects, you can quickly and effectively make decisions that move the portfolio as a whole forward.