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Software for scheduling

Time scheduling software
Time scheduling software
Gantt network chart
Gantt network chart

Good scheduling and process planning is the first important element in leading projects to success. When several projects are being worked on in parallel in companies, it is particularly important to have targeted time management. In addition to costs and resource utilization, the time schedule and project deadlines are of primary importance.

Rillsoft Project supports you with the following functions to carry out and control your scheduling and process planning professionally and flexibly:

  • Creation/display of the project plan in various views, optionally as a bar chart, network diagram or bar chart
  • Relationships between tasks ensure automatic recalculation of all project deadlines in case of schedule changes or delays
  • Time intervals for links can be defined absolutely, relatively in % of the predecessor and in calendar time
  • Hierarchy-independent representation of several tasks one after the other in one line
  • Use of sub-projects, milestones and WBS codes helps to structure the project
  • Calculation and display of critical path and reserve time clearly highlights project bottlenecks
  • Earliest/latest position of the project can be calculated (forward/backward scheduling)
  • Routine procedures can be saved as templates and inserted into projects
  • Links to documents, e.g. graphic or Excel files, can be added to projects
  • Dynamic project presentation in Intranet/Internet via XML format