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Rillsoft Project with Rillsoft Integration Server (Database based)

Reader Rillsoft Integration Server Rillsoft Cloud
Version Reader Professional Enterprise Starter Standard
Price free on request on request 720€/year 1440€/year
Quantity floating licenses individual individual 1 2
Number of employees individual individual 10 30
Project planning
Gantt chart, network diagram
Work breakdown structure
Buffer time
Import / Export
Project templates
User views
Notes, documents
Resource planning
Team deployment planning
Determine resource requirements
Optimization of resource utilization
Machine assignment
Material requirements determination
Capacity planning
Resource bottlenecks
Available capacities
Capacity alignment
View capacity planning
Staff scheduling
Capacity vs. deadline-based planning
Staff utilization
Shift planning
Multi-project management
Summary projects & Project portfolio
Project prioritization
Cross-project links
Multi-project capacity planning
Project controlling
Target/actual comparison of dates
Target/actual comparison of effort
Target/actual comparison of costs
Liquidity controlling
Rillsoft Integration Server
Document management
Email notification
Vacation planning
Record sick note
Version control
Access control
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Rillsoft Integration


as central
Solution Component

The basis of the solution is a central and automated management of project data in a so-called repository. This is a central database that can be accessed by Rillsoft Project and other applications via a SOAP-based service interface.

Role-based control and management of access rights is another component of the Integration Server.

  • Customer-capable user administration completely independent organizational, user and resource structure

  • Differentiated access rights ensure that all project participants have access only to their own data

  • Revision security of the system all accesses and changes are logged

  • Cross-project links In the case of relationships between different projects in the portfolio, successors are not automatically moved, but negative time intervals are created if necessary

  • Version control All project versions are saved in an archive with a time stamp and user ID and can be restored later.

Datenbank: MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL

Betriebssystem: CentOS 8.x / 9.x, Debian 12

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Floating licenses can be purchased from
5 licenses

To install and use Rillsoft Project on Citrix or Terminal Server and use it on multiple workstations, you need a Floating License.

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Rillsoft Integration


as cloud

The cost of Rillsoft Cloud depends on the number of floating licenses, i.e. users who can actively use planning functions (Rillsoft Project), and the number of employees who can be created in the Rillsoft Project resource pool and use the additional modules of Rillsoft Cloud.

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