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Rillsoft Project Management Functionality

Database-based Solution
Database-based Solution

File-based vs. Database-based Solution

The fundamental project management functionalities between the file-based variant Rillsoft Project and the database-based variant Rillsoft Project with Rillsoft Integration Server are generally similar. Both offer a comprehensive set of tools and functions for planning, monitoring, and controlling projects and resources. These typically include:

  • Scheduling and time management
  • Resource management
  • Cost management
  • Risk management
  • Reporting and analysis

The database-based solution Rillsoft Project with Rillsoft Integration Server additionally offers, in contrast to the file-based variant, the following project management functions:

  • Cross-project links can be created and edited in the summary project or portfolio.

  • Summary projects a summary project compiles multiple separate projects and can be represented, managed, and added to a portfolio as a single project.

Advanced Features and Differences

The differences lie not so much in the basic project management functions but rather in the advanced features and the way teams collaborate and share data.

  • Collaboration The database-based variant with the Rillsoft Integration Server enables improved collaboration among team members by allowing simultaneous access to project data without creating conflicts or data inconsistencies.

  • Data Access and Integrity With the database-based solution, data can be centrally managed, improving data integrity and security. It also facilitates the management of access rights, so only authorized users can access certain information.

  • Scalability and Performance As project requirements grow and the number of users increases, the database-based variant can scale better without losing performance. This is particularly important for large organizations or complex projects.

  • Security The database-based solution generally offers more comprehensive security features, including advanced authentication mechanisms and the ability to implement data encryption, which may be more challenging to achieve with the file-based solution.


Although the core functions of project management are similar between the two variants, the database-based variant Rillsoft Project with Rillsoft Integration Server offers advanced capabilities in terms of collaboration, data management, security, and scalability. These advanced features can be particularly beneficial for larger teams or organizations with complex project management requirements. The choice between the two variants should therefore be made based on the specific needs of the organization, the size of the team, and the complexity of the projects.