Project management software

Unique in the quality and quantity of functions

for professional project planning capacity balancing and optimal staff scheduling

Orders as projects

You can easily convert your orders, offers and templates into projects. The Gantt chart supports you with a constant overview of the tasks at hand. Thanks to the relationships, automatic scheduling intervenes in the event of schedule changes or delays. The critical path and buffer times clearly highlight project bottlenecks and ensure smooth project execution.

Company resources

A well-designed resource pool contributes significantly to balanced resource planning. Since several projects running in parallel usually compete for company resources, you should carefully record and continuously maintain your resource capacities together with professional qualifications and the work calendar in a common resource pool.

Determine resource requirements

One of the most important prerequisites for your successful project completion is early anticipation of resource needs in a project or project portfolio. Skill-based planning provides you with basic information about the actual need for human resources with specific professional skills in your project plans.

Project portfolio

Your portfolio usually consists of several projects to be worked on in parallel, which you can group together according to status, teams or other criteria. The portfolio provides an overview of all current projects. It allows you to identify resource conflicts at an early stage and, if necessary, to manage cross-project dependencies. By prioritizing projects you can create different portfolio simulations, e.g. the higher prioritized projects are automatically better supplied with resources and it allows you to estimate the impact on the overall progress and to optimize the project selection.

Capacity planning

Capacity planning provides you with a constant overview of whether your personnel requirements can be covered by the available manpower capacities including (taking into account) their professional qualifications, working hours and participation in other projects running in parallel. Even before the actual staff allocation, you can identify potential bottlenecks in the overall view of all projects and act before they occur. By balancing resource requirements and resource supply, you can make profitable use of your freed-up resources and reliably meet your delivery deadlines.

Staff scheduling

With Rillsoft Project, you assign your personnel resources to the individual work steps flexibly and in a demand-optimizing manner. You have at your disposal personnel scheduling that is both capacity- and deadline-oriented. Thanks to the employee utilization evaluations, department managers can identify possible overloads and shortages in good time. Team members have a transparent overview of their scheduled tasks and their current status.

Project controlling

You can compare your constantly evolving projects including the processing status of the individual project tasks with the reference plans and analyze the progress with regard to the important deadlines, planned efforts and various costs. The detailed evaluations of schedule, effort and cost deviations support you in controlling the project execution.

Project Management Software: Efficient Management for Your Success

Since 2003, we have been continuously developing software solutions that support the complex requirements of modern project management. Our project management software offers you a wide range of powerful features to effectively plan, control, and monitor your projects.

Project Management Software made in Germany
Optimizing Project Execution through Project Management Software

Our software enables you to seamlessly convert your orders into projects, providing support with the Gantt chart. This chart always gives you an overview of upcoming tasks and allows you to define sequence relationships to automatically take into account schedule changes or delays. The critical path and buffer times highlight bottlenecks and ensure the smooth progress of your projects.

Effective Resource Planning with Our Project Management Software

A balanced resource pool is crucial for the success of your projects. Our software allows you to capture and maintain resource capacities along with professional qualifications and work calendars. This ensures that your resources are optimally utilized and bottlenecks are avoided.

Early Anticipation of Resource Needs

Our software supports you in early identification of resource needs by enabling planning based on professional skills. This gives you fundamental information about the need for personnel resources with specific qualifications in your project plans, helping you avoid bottlenecks and successfully complete your projects.

Clear Project Portfolio Management

Our project management software offers you the possibility to manage your portfolio of multiple concurrent projects in an organized manner. You can group projects by status, teams, or other criteria and identify and manage resource conflicts early on. By prioritizing projects, you can optimally allocate your resources and assess their impact on the overall progress of your projects.

With our project management software, you can efficiently plan, control, and monitor your projects. We provide you with the tools to avoid bottlenecks, optimally use resources, and ensure the success of your projects. Discover now how our software solutions can help you successfully implement your projects.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

With the free trial version of Rillsoft Project, you can familiarize yourself with Rillsoft Project licenses such as Light, Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

The free use of trial version is limited to 30 days. After the trial period expires, you can read the existing projects but you can neither create new projects nor edit existing projects. Importantly, the projects created during the trial period can be seamlessly transferred to a purchased Rillsoft Project license.

The free offer includes the following Rillsoft products, namely Reader, Education, Trial and Free.

Some products, such as trial version, can be used free of charge for a certain period of time, usually 30 days. Other products, while referring to unlimited free use, may be limited in functionality or have certain conditions attached to them.

So with a Reader version you can have the saved projects displayed in all views except capacity leveling and read information, but you cannot change or edit them.

A Free version provides stripped-down functionality in the scheduling area only and is available for personal, not business, use.

We are happy to offer an Education version to various educational institutions for learning purposes or non-commercial use, usually permanently free of charge.

Yes. Data exchange enables you to smoothly integrate project management processes and improve collaboration.

Rillsoft Project offers both import and export interfaces to other software products, e.g. to MS Project via xml format and to MS Excel via csv format.

On our YouTube channel you will find

Import from MS Project Video

Import from MS Excel

We offer Rillsoft Project as for a one-time purchase price as well as Rillsoft Cloud as a subscription.

The fixed price licenses are listed on our website

This is a one-time price. When purchasing a Rillsoft Project version, e.g. Rillsoft Project 9, you can download and install all updates e.g. 9.1, 9.2 up to version 10 for free, but from the next Rillsoft Project version e.g. version 10 on you will have to pay for the updates.

The functionality of different license types such as Standard, Professional etc. or single user or floating can be found under the menu item Solutions > File based solution.

We present the Rillsoft Cloud as a subscription with annual costs on the page.

We regularly update Rillsoft Project to fix the reported bugs and close all known security holes. We recommend our customers to use the latest version of Rillsoft Project if possible and to install all available updates.

If you wish, you can sign a software service contract when purchasing licenses. For maintenance costs it is charged 15% of license costs (list price).

The Software Service Agreement includes during the term

  • all feature updates

  • all program corrections

  • Hotline (telephone) support, remote access support and support via email

Remote support is performed with the help of the special support tools (GoToMeeting from Citrix).

Yes, Rillsoft offers a cloud-based version of their Project Management Software. This version is called Rillsoft Cloud and requires a subscription with an annual cost. The software can be tried in a 30-day free trial period. It is not required to cancel the subscription at the end of the trial period.

During the trial period, users have the opportunity to evaluate the software and determine if it meets their needs. The data created during the trial period can be carried over if the user decides to continue the subscription.

The cloud-based version of the Rillsoft project management software offers a variety of functions, which are clearly presented on the following page: Rillsoft Integration Server/Rillsoft Cloud function overview

For more information about Rillsoft Cloud and its features, please visit the official site: