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Rillsoft Project Education

You want:

Teaching and learning project management in a practical way

Present project work in an informative and structured manner

Using resources efficiently and effectively

Rillsoft Project provides:

Scheduling as for individual projects so also in multi-project environment

Cross-project capacity planning

The best possible resource utilization

Rillsoft Project provides the ideal opportunity to learn what project management is, how it works and what planning steps need to be taken into account.

It also makes it easy to learn what resources are available in each phase of the project and how to use them wisely.

Entitled to request an Education Version are

  • Universities

  • Universities of applied sciences and dual universities

  • Public vocational schools (e.g. vocational schools or technical schools)

  • Public schools

  • State-recognized alternative and supplementary schools, as well as adult education centers, vocational training centers, etc.

What education licenses are available?

Educational institutions can choose between two variants of Education licenses of the Rillsoft Project:

Campus license

0 €
  • No administrative burden
  • Contact person receives LINK to individual request form
  • After campus licenses are ordered, authorized individuals can request a serial number via the form.
  • Authentication is done via a valid email address of the educational institution
  • Program and documentation are available for download on our server
Campus license

License pool

0 €
  • Contact person of the educational institution will receive by email a serial number pool
  • Contact person of the educational institution forwards the serial number to students and employees of the educational institution
  • No email authentication
  • Program and documentation are available for download on our server
License pool


The order should originate from a person responsible for software procurement.

Please use an email address from the educational institution when ordering.