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Project controlling software
Project controlling software
Project controlling effort
Project controlling effort

Good and realistic planning is the cornerstone of project success. However, project progress must be consistently monitored during implementation, otherwise even the best plans will fail. Rillsoft Project supports you in monitoring the progress of your projects. The program provides essential key figures in a clear arrangement and presentation. In addition, various views allow you to analyze projects and resources according to different criteria.

To support project controlling, Rillsoft Project provides you with the following functions:

  • Saving of any number of reference plans, which form the basis for the target/actual comparison and include all project resources as well as working times and costs.
  • The degree of completion of the tasks can be recorded. This enables progress analyses and you receive precise information about the current project progress at any time
  • The target/actual comparison helps you to identify schedule, resource and cost variances in good time and to create variance analyses
  • When comparing the current project status with one of the reference plans, differences are visible graphically and in tabular form
  • The financing and liquidity control allows a time-related comparison with the costs incurred by additionally recording the cash receipts.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Rillsoft’s Project Controlling Software offers comprehensive features for monitoring and controlling all aspects of a project, from scheduling to resource allocation.

By using advanced technologies, it enables the comparison of actual vs. planned project data, allowing project managers to identify deviations early and respond accordingly. This contributes to improved decision-making and efficient project management.

Cost control and budget monitoring are central pillars of project controlling. Rillsoft’s software integrates cost management features that allow for detailed recording and analysis of all project-related costs.

Through the comparison of planned versus actual expenses, project managers can avoid budget overruns and optimize the project’s financial performance. This transparency is crucial for maintaining financial health and ensuring project profitability.

Effective project controlling requires precise analyses and reporting. Rillsoft’s software provides extensive reporting tools that enable accurate tracking and documentation of project progress. Customizable dashboards and automated reports offer insights into key indicators such as completion levels, time expenditures, and resource utilization.

These data not only support strategic planning but also facilitate communication with stakeholders by providing a clear and current view of the project status.