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Recording of the hours worked in calendar
Recording of the hours worked in calendar

The Benefits of Time Management Tools in the Modern Workplace Enhanced by the Feedback Module

Time management tools are indispensable for businesses today. A software solution like Rillsoft Project offers much more than just the precise recording of working hours. It brings numerous benefits, particularly through the Feedback Module with an interface to the Integration Server, enabling even more detailed recording and analysis of working hours.

Accurate Recording of Working Hours and Project Contributions

The Feedback Module in Rillsoft Project allows project members to directly record the times spent on a project. This includes task-specific recording of working hours and remaining efforts by employees with a One-Click function, where all planned working hours are suggested and can be adopted as actual hours worked with a single click.

Approval Processes and Organigrams

Furthermore, the module supports the approval of recorded working hours and remaining efforts, based on a feedback organigram. This facilitates the management and verification of working hours, ensuring data accuracy.

Adaptability and Project Control

After the adoption of approved data, the module allows for project schedule adjustments, supporting a flexible response to project changes and the optimization of timelines.

Advanced Features of the Time Tracking Software

In addition, the time tracking software supports accurate recording of employees’ working hours, enables tracking of project times, the creation of payroll, compliance with working hours regulations, and assists in analyzing work time utilization and efficiency.

In the realm of project controlling, the software allows for the precise recording and tracking of working hours assigned to various phases and tasks of a project. This significantly eases project management by enabling precise monitoring of resource utilization, progress, and costs.

Summary of Extended Benefits

The integration of the Feedback Module into Rillsoft Project enhances the already existing benefits of time management tools by improving the recording and approval of working hours and remaining efforts, optimizing project schedules, and providing extended support for project controlling. These functions not only contribute to increased productivity and efficiency but also allow for flexible adjustments to project changes and improve compliance with legal regulations.