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Multiproject management software

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Multi-project management software

Multiproject management software
Multiproject management software
Cross-project resource planning software
Cross-project resource planning software

Usually, resources in companies are used in parallel in several projects. A cross-project recording and representation of projects and company resources is the basis for multi-project management. With Rillsoft Project, you can display and analyze several projects in parallel. In addition, the overall resource utilization can be evaluated and optimized.

In the project portfolio, Rillsoft Project makes it possible to jointly display and analyze any selected projects that use an identical resource pool.

Project prioritization serves as the basis for capacity balancing of resources in the project portfolio. Category and status are freely definable and allow the projects in the project portfolio to be sorted and grouped as desired.

In the project portfolio, all activities can be performed as in the individual projects:

  • Scheduling for all projects in the portfolio
  • Capacity planning taking into account the use of resources in other projects
  • You achieve the best possible utilization of all resources

In a target/actual comparison in the portfolio, each project is compared with its own baseline plan defined in the respective project.

Target/actual comparison in multi-project management software enables reconciliation and analysis of planned project goals, resource usage and progress against actual results and developments.

Multi-project management software enables comprehensive cross-project resource planning to efficiently allocate, monitor and optimize resources across multiple projects.

Multi-project planning software
Multi-project planning software

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Multiproject management software and project planning software are both tools commonly used in project management, but they serve slightly different purposes.

Project Planning Software is typically used to create a detailed plan for a specific project. With this software, project managers can create a schedule, define tasks and milestones, allocate resources, and track progress throughout the project’s lifecycle. Project planning software is generally used for smaller, individual projects.

Multiproject Management Software, on the other hand, is designed for the simultaneous management of multiple projects. This type of software helps project managers keep track of resources, schedules, budgets, and progress across multiple projects concurrently. Multiproject management software also provides an overview of resource allocation, allowing managers to make informed decisions about distributing resources to the projects.

The main differences between them are:

Focus and Purpose Multiproject Management Software: This type of software is oriented toward managing and monitoring multiple projects simultaneously. It offers features for prioritization, resource allocation, portfolio analysis, and reporting across different projects. The main goal is to provide a holistic view of all ongoing projects within an organization. Project Planning Software: This software focuses on the detailed planning, execution, and monitoring of a single project. It enables the creation of project schedules, task lists, responsibility assignments, and tracking the progress of a single project.

Scope and Complexity Multiproject Management Software: This type of software is typically more complex and extensive because it needs to coordinate multiple projects. It may also provide features for resource optimization and risk management. Project Planning Software: This software is usually tailored to the needs of a single project and may therefore be less complex. It focuses on planning and executing tasks within a project.

Target Audience Multiproject Management Software: It is generally aimed at executives and project portfolio managers who need an overview of the entire project landscape of an organization. Project Planning Software: This software is targeted at project managers and team members who plan and execute the day-to-day work on a single project.

Features Multiproject Management Software: It offers features for project prioritization, resource allocation, portfolio planning, reporting, and risk assessment. Project Planning Software: It offers features for creating Gantt charts, task lists, schedules, budget tracking, and team communication.