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Software for staff scheduling

Staff scheduling software
Staff scheduling software
HR workforce planning software
HR workforce planning software

In order to complete projects successfully, detailed planning of all resources is necessary. Rillsoft Project provides you with two basic options for personnel scheduling:

  • Schedule employees based on assigned roles
  • Assign employees to a task without prior role specification, i.e. directly as a personnel resource.

Rillsoft Project’s personnel resource planning supports you with the following functions:

  • The planned roles serve as a filter when assigning employees; when planning personnel resources, you will only see those employees who have the corresponding qualifications
  • Directly during the scheduling of employees, the program shows whether they have enough available time to fulfill their tasks
  • Both non-working time and other activities of the employee in projects are checked and possible workload problems are highlighted in color
  • One employee can be scheduled in parallel for different tasks with different workloads
  • Employees can be assigned to tasks under different roles
  • It is possible to take an employee out of the project for a limited period of time and assign them to other activities if necessary
  • The software provides various views to optimize the workload of roles and employees
  • Team membership and working hours created in the project calendar (including vacation or specific holidays) are taken into account in all planning steps
  • The ratio of scheduled and available working times of employees is calculated and displayed per time unit
  • Shortfalls are highlighted in color and can thus be quickly identified
  • Reports for vacation management can be created