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Rillsoft offers two main types of solutions for project management and resource planning: Rillsoft Project, which is a file-based solution, and Rillsoft Project with Rillsoft Integration Server, a database-based solution. Both versions serve for efficient planning, control, and monitoring of projects, but differ in their structure and functionality.

File-Based vs. Database-Based Solution - Rillsoft
File-Based vs. Database-Based Solution - Rillsoft

Differences Between File-Based and Database-Based Solutions

Storage and Access

File-Based Project-relevant data such as projects, resource pools, etc., are stored in individual files. Access is through directly opening these files, which works well for single users or small teams.

Database-Based Here, data is centrally managed in a database, options include MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL. This enables simultaneous access for multiple users and facilitates data maintenance and security.

Data Management and Integrity

File-Based Data integrity heavily depends on user discipline. There can be issues like duplications or inconsistencies when files are manually copied or altered.

Database-Based Strict control mechanisms and transaction management ensure high data integrity. Changes are centrally managed and logged.

Collaboration and Multi-User Environment

File-Based Limited, as simultaneous access to the same file can lead to conflicts. Project files and, as a result, portfolios must be edited in sequence.

Database-Based Enables efficient collaboration in real-time. Multiple users can access and work on projects and portfolios simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Scalability and Performance

File-Based Can lead to performance losses with large volumes of data or many users. Scalability is limited.

Database-Based Offers better performance and scalability, even with growing data volumes and user numbers. Databases are optimized for handling large amounts of data.


File-Based Dependent on the operating system’s security measures and individual file management.

Database-Based Offers comprehensive security features such as access controls, encryption, and secure authentication methods.

Advantages of the Database-Based Solution

Centralized Data Storage Improves data integrity and facilitates backups and recoveries.

Real-Time Collaboration Multiple users can work on projects simultaneously, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Higher Security Advanced security mechanisms protect against unauthorized access and data loss.

Better Scalability Suitable for company growth, can handle an increasing amount of data and number of users.

Efficient Data Management Allows complex queries and analyses for better decision-making and reporting.

Database-Based Solution
Database-Based Solution

Overall, the database-based variant of Rillsoft Project, especially with the Rillsoft Integration Server, offers significant advantages in terms of collaboration, data integrity, security, and scalability, making it particularly suitable for medium to large teams or companies that need to manage complex projects.