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Machine assignment planning

Planning optimal machine utilization is not a trivial task and is comparable to personnel planning in terms of effort and complexity. With Rillsoft Project, you can not only record, schedule and control your personnel resources, but also perform a kind of role-based planning of machines and their utilization. The program automatically calculates how many machines are needed after specifying the future demand for each type of machine. It also provides you with a selection of available machines, which facilitates and speeds up the planning activity.

Rillsoft Project’s machine assignment planning supports you with many functions and provides you with various planning parameters:

  • Automatic matching of required machine types with available machines and pre-selection before concretely scheduling available machines.
  • Setting of many machine-specific parameters, which are taken into account for all actions
  • Degree of utilization of individual machines and machine types per defined time unit is calculated
  • Machine utilization plan is visible in the “Machine park” view
  • Number of required machines is calculated
  • Over- and shortages are marked in color if necessary

The “Machine capacity comparison” view offers many parameters at a glance and clearly shows where capacity utilization problems exist and planning changes should be made in order to maintain the set plan.

In addition, free capacities can be quickly identified and changes to the machine assignment can be implemented directly.

In this way, you can recognize in advance where increased control is necessary in the course of the project and can consistently prevent cost-intensive delays in the project schedule.