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01 - Scheduling
  • Resource pool calendars customization
  • Define project master data
  • Create activities
  • Create links between activities
  • Set milestones as important events
  • Creating sub-projects as project phases
  • Edit project plan
  • Display critical path and reserve time
  • Forwards and backwards scheduling
Scheduling Youtube Video
02 - Role based resource planning
  • Create roles or professional qualifications in the resource pool
  • Assign generic resource roles to the activities
  • Add additional columns to the activity table
  • Analyze professional qualifications usage in resource view roles
  • Show activities
  • Create filters
Role based resource planning Youtube Video
03 - Personnel placement planning
  • Design a resource pool
  • Create personnel resources
  • Assign professional qualifications to employees
  • Capacity view employee
  • Show activities
  • Analyze resource shortfalls
  • Display additional resource diagram
  • Show additional bar chart
  • Resolve conflicts through project plan revision
  • Assign employees to activities in capacity view
  • Resume employees assignment on the Gantt chart
  • Check employees assignment overall by balance column
  • Evaluate staff utilization in resource view employee
  • Structuring information according to different criteria
Personnel placement planning Youtube Video
04 - Due date oriented planning
  • Capacity oriented planning
  • Assign an employee with holidays
  • Without resource overallocation
  • Adjust deadline goals
  • Due date oriented planning
  • Assign an employee with holidays
  • Increase work capacity
  • Project finish date remains unchanged
Due date oriented planning Youtube Video
05 - Variance analysis
  • Add baseline
  • Change project plan
  • Follow-up variance analysis of time deviations
  • Add second baseline
  • Further project plan edit
  • Compare current project stand with baseline
  • Follow-up variance analysis of effort deviations
  • Track variance analysis of cost deviations
Variance analysis Youtube Video
06 - Dynamic baseline plan
  • Save first baseline of project
  • Enter changes in project and compare project plan with baseline
  • Further project plan edit and add new activities
  • Save second baseline with recent changes for a project
  • Edit project plan
  • Compare current project plan with second baseline
  • Variance analysis of project with first baseline
  • Variance analysis of project with dynamic baseline
Dynamic baseline plan Youtube Video
07 - Multi project management
  • Combine projects into one portfolio
  • Show portfolio in the Gantt chart
  • Analyze resource utilization in portfolio
  • Overallocated employees alert
  • Resolve overallocation conflict
  • Capacity view - cover resource needs with qualified personnel
  • Clarify bottlenecks due to lack of resources
  • Take free capacity into account
  • Save portfolio
Multi project management Youtube Video