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Rillsoft Project 9.0 usability improved and more

Portfolio properties window
Portfolio properties window
Resource pool Resource count
Resource pool Resource count

Collapse and expand portfolio properties window by directories

In order to facilitate handling with complex directory structures and larger numbers of projects, the GUI for project portfolio properties has been revised.

The new GUI provides a more user-friendly and clearer representation of project portfolios and their properties. Some of the new features include:

  • The free text filter function added (using multiple words in one query).
  • The subfolders in directory structures are expandable and collapsible
  • The last selected projects/directories are always displayed
  • Filtering and sorting projects based on various criteria such as project name, status, start and end dates, etc.
  • Grouping projects based on certain properties such as customer, industry, etc.

GUI improvements make it easier to manage large amounts of projects and keep track of complex directory structures.

Row overview in resource and capacity views

In larger portfolios or projects, it can be difficult to keep track of rows in resource views, especially when resource workloads are displayed across multiple screens.

Now, in Rillsoft Project 9.0, a row overview similar to Excel has been implemented in the resource and capacity views.

This allows you to select and highlight a specific row so that it always remains in view, regardless of how far you navigate in the view.

The row overview feature makes navigation easier and greatly improves usability in large project views. It allows you to maintain focus on a specific row while keeping track of the other information in the view.

Restore last used directory display

The last selected directory is shown as expanded, all other directories are shown as collapsed.

This feature is especially useful if you regularly work with projects in different directories. Instead of having to navigate the entire file path each time to get to the folder you were last working in, Rillsoft Project will automatically open the appropriate directory for you. This saves time and effort and makes your workflow more efficient.


  • New design for directory
  • Resource count in the resource pool
  • All known bugs have been fixed