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Engineer Planning and Scheduling

In any architectural or engineering office, important decisions are taken every day; numerous projects are planned and implemented as well.
If you have installed our Project control software, it is easier for you to coordinate logically and economically your tasks and to optimize them constantly.

Project planning

  • Create graphically the project workflow from phases and milestones as a Gantt chart, network diagram etc.
  • Unlimited structure depth
  • Temporal links between the project steps
  • Changes monitoring
  • Defined start and/or end date
  • Forward and backward planning
  • Critical path and buffer time
  • Linking to the project-specific documents
time scheduling
network diagramm
network diagramm

Project controlling

  • Baseline
  • Information about discrepancies in dates in target/actual variance analysis view
  • Input of the progress / POC
  • Indication of remaining time
project controlling
project controlling
project status
project status

Import / Export from/to MS Project

Projects can be exported to MS Project and imported from MS Project via XML. In this case, due dates, duration, resources, user-defined fields and notes are transferred as well.

export to ms project
export to ms project
import from ms project
Import from ms project

Project plan export to Excel and print them as pdf file

Project schedule display in Excel or print out as a pdf file in any format

gantt diagramm export excel
gantt diagramm export excel
print project plan
print project plan

Multi project capability

All current projects of the company can be grouped in a portfolio or multiple portfolios together

scheduling multiproject
multi project scheduling
scheduling multiproject control
scheduling of multi project control

Cost planning

Control of project financing allows to make the planned project income facing the project outputs and identify investment risks clearly (pre-financing).

cost scheduling
scheduling cost planning payment
Display receipt for payment