Rillsoft Integration Server

Multi-tiered structure

This solution relies on the centralised and automatic administrating of project data in a so-called repository. It's a central data base, which can be accessed via a SOAP-based service interface, as provided by Rillsoft Project, and other applications.

The role-based control and administration of access rights constitutes another part of the Integration Server

  • Multi-tenant user management
    • completely independent structures for organisation, users and resources
  • Differentiated access rights
    • ensure that all project members gain access to authorised data only
  • Feedbacks
    • working time used for processes
    • processing stages of projects
  • Audit acceptability of the system
    • all accesses and changes are recorded
  • Cross project links
    • links connecting different projects of the portfolio do not shift successors automatically, but uses negative intervals instead
  • Version control
    • all project versions are tagged with a label indicating date and user ID and stored to make them retrievable at a later point in time.

Data base: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL and PostgreSQL

Operating system: MS Windows® 7/2008/2012/2016, CentOS 7


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