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Resource planning
Resource pool

The multi-layered management resource planning is another integral part of Rillsoft Project. Comprising functions for managing personnel, machinery and materials, it helps you plan the use and utilization of your resources and allows you to control them in the course of the project. Rillsoft Project's management resource planning supports you with a great variety of functions in a clearly arranged order and allows you:

  • to lay out a company-wide resource pool for all projects
  • to assign roles/qualifications to human resources and roles/types to machinery resources
  • to use teams to represent the organisational structure of the company
  • to assign several roles to individual employees and to pool them to form particular teams
  • to define working and leisure times for projects, teams, employees, etc. in the project calendar

Rillsoft Project handles the duration/effort problem in resource allocation the following way: You define, which parameter - that is, duration, effort or duration & effort - remains unchanged and set the required values. The software assumes the task of calculating the other parameters and delivering a finish date or the resource requirement inluding utilization. Thus, it allows you to treat working results as activities, such as total efforts. Once you have entered the data, Rillsoft will automatically calculate the duration by implying all available resources.