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project controlling
Project controlling
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Progress analysis

A sound and realistic planning provides the foundation for making your project a true success. The progress of your project has however to be strictly monitored; otherwise, even the most brilliant plans will be doomed to failure. Rillsoft Project assists you in monitoring the progress of your projects. The software program delivers indispensible key data in an orderly and easily comprehensible way. The presentation of projects and resources from different angles allow them being analysed according to a number of varied criteria. In planning your project controlling, Rillsoft Project provides you the following functions

  • Save any number of reference plans, which constitute the basis for a variance analysis and include all project resources, labour hours and costs.
  • You can detect the degree of completion for all the processes. This allows you to analyse the progress of your projects and always provides you information as to the current state of progress.
  • The variance analysis assists you in recognizing variances in terms of scheduling, resources and costs through conducting variance analyses.
  • The program checks the current state of your project against reference plans and displays the differences by using graphics and charts.
  • Through their additional checking of incoming wires, financing and liquidity control allows you to match the financial means at a certain point in time with ensuing expenses.