Software for personnel placement planning

Personnel placement planning
Employee workload

In order to be successful in realising your projects, you may find a detailed planning of all resources indispensable. Rillsoft Project provides you two different ways to conduct your personnel placement planning:

  • scheduling employees on the basis of assigned roles
  • assigning employees to a process without previously specified roles, that is, directly as personnel ressource

Rillsoft Project's personnel placement planning provides you with the following functions:

  • The scheduled roles serve as a filter for the assignation of employees. While planning personnel resources, you will only be shown those employees meeting the required qualifications.
  • While you are scheduling employees, the program indicates whether their time budget will be sufficient to complete their tasks.
  • The employees' leisure times and involvements in other projects will be examined to mark potential capacity problems in colours.
  • Employees can be scheduled for several tasks with different utilizations at the same time.
  • Employees can be assigned to processes with different role-requirements.
  • You may take a employees out of a project for a limited period of time and assign them to another project or activities.
  • The software allows you to analyse the optimal utilization of of roles or employees from different angles.
  • Team membership and working times as defined in the project calendar (including holidays and leaves) will be considered while setting the stages of the project.
  • The ratio between scheduled and available labour times is calculated and displayed per time unit.
  • Shortfalls are emphasised in colour and thus easy to recognise.
  • You can compile reports for holiday scheduling.