Software for multi-project management

Multi-project management
Multi-project resource planning

Companies usually assign resources in several projects simultaneously. The collecting and presenting of data from several projects and company resources is at the core of multi-project management. Rillsoft Project allows you to visualise and analyse data from several different projects. In addition, you can evaluate and optimise resource utilization altogether. Rillsoft Project's project portfolio affords the presentation and analysis of randomly selected projects sharing one resource pool. Project prioritisation provides the basis for the capacity alignment of resources included in the project portfolio. You are free to define both category and status as well as sort and group together the projects included in the project portfolio at your option. All occurring tasks can be completed by way of the project portfolio, as if they were located in the individual projects:

  • time scheduling for all projects included in the portfolio
  • capacity planning by taking into account the resources already assigned to other projects
  • assists you in accomplishing the best possible utilization of all resources

A variance analysis included in the portfolio checks every project against its own, specifically defined baseline.