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Machine capacity planning
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Planning an optimal machine load is not as easy in terms of efforts and complexityas you might think; it equals personnel planning. Rillsoft Project not only allows you to collect, schedule and control information about your personnel resources; you may also use it to conduct some kind of role-based planning of your machinery and heir load. Once you have defined the future requirements of the single types of machines, the program automatically calculates the number of machines required. Moreover, it provides you a selectio of available machines, which makes it easier for you to speed up the entire planning process. Rillsoft Project's machine load planning supports you with a great variety of functions and several planning parameters:

  • It automatically brings required machine types in alignment with available machines and their pre-selection, before the scheduling of machines commences.
  • Many machine-specific parameters, which are considered in all processes, can be set.
  • It calculates the degree of utilization of single machines and certain machine types per defined time unit.
  • Machine load schedule can be seen in the view "Machinery."
  • It calculates the number of required machines.
  • Occurring excesses and shortfalls are marked in colour.

The view "Capacity alignment machines" displays numerous parameters at a glance, clearly indicating where the utilization problems are and where changes have to be made to single planning steps to meet the overall plan. Moreover, you can quickly spot available capacities and directly implement changes to the machine load. This allows you to identify a need in the course of the project for better control already prior to the outset, which helps prevent costly delays during the project from happening.