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Personnel deployment planning software for mechanical engineering company

The goal is to implement a software solution that supports an order workflow from offer planning through design and production to the manufacturing in the machine-building sphere.
It should be easy to determine who is working on which projects at the moment and with how many hours the respective employee is loaded. In addition, an evaluation should be carried out on department.

Available resources

First, create a central resource pool where all the company’s projects can be available and the project-relevant personnel- and, if necessary, machine resources of the company:

  • Work hours and holidays
  • Basic personal data
  • Professional skills
  • Team assignment
  • Absence such as vacation, illness etc.
resource pool calendar
Resource pool calendar
resource pool employee
Resource pool employee

Order scheduling and monitoring

  • Create orders as separate projects
  • Make active use of time scheduling functionality, such as, for example, move flexible, enter new work steps and delays, if necessary
  • Save recurring orders as templates

Capacity utilization

  • Create a preplanning taking into account that separate activities can be carried out only by certain employees, i.e. assign professional skills to the tasks.
  • Personnel requirements planning – number and qualification of employees needed for an order.
  • Check whether the needed employees are able to carry out the required activities in the planned period and recognize possible bottlenecks and free capacities.
capacity leveling
Capacity leveling
multiproject capacity leveling
Multiproject capacity leveling

Personnel placement planning

The planning is linked to the resource data interactively and offers information in the personnel assignment:

  • Employee readiness based on his non-working days
  • Employee availability, i.e. whether he is already scheduled in other tasks

The personnel view displays employees used at the relevant time point and their qualification.

Evaluate the following features:

  • Usage of individual employees
  • Usage of teams
personnel placement planning
Personnel placement planning
personnel deployment planning
Personnel deployment planning

Evaluation of different orders

Create a portfolio with all actual orders for the orders overview.
Cross-project analysis of due dates, capacity- and personnel usage

  • Actual need for personnel resources
  • Estimated demand for personnel resources in the future

Create so-called “game plan” by different portfolios, if necessary. In addition to actual projects, these may include potential orders.

multiproject load employees
multiproject load employees
multiproject capacity human resource
Multiproject capacity human resource

Orders monitoring and updating

  • Maintain an actual status for each order step
  • Get an overview of all orders and their actual status
  • Carry out variance analysis with one of the baselines
project progress
Project progress
variance analysis
Variance analysis