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What is Rillsoft Project?

Rillsoft Project is project management software for scheduling and resource planning: precise, intuitively usable, ideal for entering project planning, studying, and professional work.

Rillsoft Project supports tasks from initial steps like task/phase definition to project control through target/actual comparison, facilitating work on individual projects as well as in a multi-project environment.

License Conditions

Within the campus license, an unlimited number of usage rights for Rillsoft Project can be used at MUSTER-UNI. The education version is for teaching and studying purposes only (not for commercial use).

Usage is permitted both at the workplace and at home. This offer is valid for all students and employees of MUSTER-UNI. However, it does not apply to former members or former students of MUSTER-UNI.

How to Get Rillsoft Project?

  • Members and students of MUSTER-UNI can use the latest version of Rillsoft Project.
  • Installation & Activation
    • Download and install the trial version of Rillsoft Project from
    • Request your free serial number. [LINK to individual request form]. You will usually receive a serial number within a few minutes.
    • Please note that your valid MUSTER-UNI email address is used for authentication. Requesting a serial number with a free email address is not possible.
    • Activate the education version
    • After activation, the trial version will be converted into an education version with functionality equivalent to an enterprise version.


The provision of Rillsoft Project includes all updates (adjustments) and upgrades (developments). Support and Assistance

Rillsoft offers its own service and support websites. You will find a range of information and help on the program:

Privacy Policy

Link to the privacy policy

Privacy Policy