Dynamic baseline plan in Variance analysis

As a project is continually being developed and updated, none of the saved baseline plans, which is only a momentary recording the project status, can provide a complete overview.

In the example, a baseline plan BP1 was first saved and then a new activity Assembly was added. The changes in Construction and Mechanics are clearly visible when compared to the BP1 baseline plan. On the other hand, the new activity Assembly does not have a comparison in the saved baseline plan BP1.

This is also reflects Variance analysis with the first baseline plan BP1 for effort differences.

Another baseline plan BP2 that includes the last corrections, the activity Assembly, is saved. In this case, there is a reference for the activity Assembly. However, the changes in Construction and Mechanics activities that were performed before saving BP2 are not to be tracked.

Here comes a so-called dynamic baseline plan to help.

Rillsoft Project generates a dynamic baseline plan for a project automatically. A dynamic baseline plan saves all the project activities regardless of the creation time, but before an activity has been added to its completed percentage.

Completed % should be maintained.